Pool Design

Every Blue Haven pool is custom-designed for and with each individual client.

Custom Pools NC

We custom design our pools to suit ANY landscape.

At Blue Haven Pools – Charlotte we understand that design is much more than a sketch on a piece of paper or a drawing on an engineering blueprint.  We believe that design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

That is why the pool that we build on your property is truly unique, the only one of its kind. You can know with confidence from the start that your pool will reflect more than the sunlight. It will reflect who you are and what you have dreamt that your pool would be. When we say “custom design,” it means that your pool is not a modification of someone else’s design. It is distinctly designed for you and you alone.

What makes Blue Haven Pools – Charlotte superior to other pool manufacturers? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

  • Our office has several of the acknowledged best pool designers in the entire Blue Haven family nationwide.
  • You get our experience
  • You get our expertise
  • We use the very latest and very best dynamic, 3D-design software developed exclusively for creating the safest, most impressive, most enjoyable backyard retreats imaginable.
  • You enjoy financial savings
  • Our designs are customized to your lifestyle and your property.

At Blue Haven Pools of Charlotte we don’t just build pools. We build friendships that are as special as our pools, beautiful and lasting.  View our custom pool design showroom to see some of our designs!