Smart Features™

Odds are you already have a smart phone. You may even have a smart home. Why not have a smart pool?

Once your custom-designed Blue Haven pool has been installed, like any other pool, it has to be maintained in a way that preserves its pristine condition. That part of owning a pool used to be called “drudgery.” Thanks to 21st century technology and Blue Haven’s exclusive Smart Features™, maintaining the beauty, comfort and safety of your pool is simpler than ever.

Take a look at the list of Smart Features™ that are available. Your Blue Haven Pool Designer will help you identify which of these are best suited for your custom pool. During the design process, he will be able to help you choose the best combination of features for your individual situation.

Pool Design & Aesthetics

SmartBrite® Color Quartz Interior Finish

Blue Haven’s durable, colorful and distinctive quartz aggregate finishes personalize your pool design while providing a strong, slip and stain resistant interior.


SmartLight® utilizes LED and fiber-optics to brilliantly illuminate your pool in a variety of changing jewel-tone colors, without electricity near the water.

Pool Infrastructure & Systems

SmartFilter™ with Microban®

By incorporating technology from Microban Products Company, we offer an ultra-efficient, low-maintenance filter that conserves water and provides antimicrobial protection to inhibit mold, mildew and bacteria so your filter stays fresher, longer.


Our proprietary SmartPure® system has two components: a salt sanitizer and an ozonator, both of which provide a kinder, gentler, ​kinder gentler water conditions, that greatly reduces the need for high levels of chlorine, eliminating the typical odor and irritation inherent in chlorinated pools.

SmartMax™ Pump and Motor

SmartMax™ has been recognized as the quietest and most efficient pool pump in the pool industry, saving you the disturbances caused by excessive pump noise and electric bills. It’s only available at Blue Haven Pools.

SmartTherm™ Heaters

Blue Haven offers a complete array of high efficiency pool heating systems, powered by electricity or gas.


With Blue Haven’s wireless remote control you can operate multiple pool and spa functions without having to turn knobs, throw levers or toggle switches. You will enjoy the ease with which you can control pool lighting, heat and jets with just the touch of a finger. ​Smart Controls also have interface capability with many other total-home control systems. The remote is waterproof, so you can even use it when you are in the pool. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Pool Maintenance

SmartFlow™ Jet System

Our revolutionary system maximizes cleaning & circulation, attacks dirt along pool interior surfaces, helps prevent “dead zones”, and provides warmer, fresher water in less time, with less cost and fewer chemicals.

SmartSeries™ In-Floor System

Our expert pool designers will install pop-up nozzles that automatically clean your pool floor with high-pressure water jets.

SmartVac® Pool Cleaner

Vacuuming your pool can become boring very quickly, but not with the fully-automatic SmartVac® cleaning system. Now you don’t have to work to keep your pool clean, SmartVac® will do it for you.

Smart Pool Owners have Blue Haven pools.  Contact us today to get your free quote!