the process

We use a simple, 5 Phase Process to transform your property into the backyard oasis of your dreams.

Phase 1: Planning & Design

One of our Designers will visit with you in your home to determine your family’s intended use of the pool, what ideas you may have for your pool and what options appeal to you. We’ll measure your yard, confirm elevations and access, and understand your budget.

After gathering this information, your personal Designer will create a digital, 3D conceptualization of the pool that will include: the size, location, and shape; special features, such as waterfalls, tanning ledges, fountains, and benches; and the location of the pool equipment.

Here’s a sample of our 3-D Concept:

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Phase 2: Permits and the Construction Plan

Your Designer will create a construction plan, identifying utilities, elevations, and any other factors unique to your property. Blue Haven then submits the plan to the appropriate local agencies to obtain necessary permits.

Phase 3: Layout

One of our construction experts will schedule an appointment with you to lay out the pool, literally painting the outline of the pool, in your backyard. You will approve, in writing, the location, size, shape and elevation of your pool. This permits you to make any adjustments to size, location, or elevation before work actually begins.

Phase 4: Construction

​Once construction begins the phases will be completed in the most timely and efficient manner possible while you watch your yard being transformed and bring to life your beautiful backyard oasis. See our pool construction page for step-by-step details.

Phase 5: Start-Up

Once your pool is filled with water, and before Pool School begins, one of our technicians will start up the pool, turning on the equipment and ensuring its proper operation. During Pool School, he will show you how to operate your equipment and maintain your pool, including proper water chemistry. He will also provide a manual with further instructions along with your warranties.

Now it’s time to enjoy your very own, one-of-a-kind Blue Haven pool.

Please Note: These steps may not necessarily happen in the listed order. ​Schedule and order of completion are subject to change due to weather, material availability and scheduling conflicts. Additionally, there may be required wait times between phases due to inspections by local municipalities or in order to assure proper installation (e.g. gunite, concrete, and plaster will require time to cure before continuing).

A project from start to finish:

Blue Prints & Design

Blue Prints & Design

Breaking Ground

Full Color Design Mock-up

The finished product!

The finished product!